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Making Indigenous Food Trend

Making Indigenous Food Trend

Let me start this from the left side so that I get the bad out of the way from the get go so we can conclude this with some good news.
I often hear a lot of fellow Africans complain about cultural appropriation, but let’s stop and think for a moment, aren’t Africans the biggest culprits of this “evil” (if it’s an evil)?

We walk, we talk and eat Western culture!

And then we have the audacity to cry foul when other people from other countries do the same with our culture, and make a killing while at it… or is it because they’re making a killing that’s the problem?. You see, my problem with this is that no body stops us from taking pride in our own heritage and culture. No body stops us from making indigeneity a selling point. Some of us have never even tasted some food indigenous to our own ethnic group, yet we frown at the names of these rather delicious delicacies.

This is why IndiZA Foods exist! So that you can taste these dishes even if you’re outside the rural setting where they’d typically be served. That is why we hold exhibitions and food festivals few times a year so that people can have that rare opportunity to connect with their roots on a “gut level”. But because we do not just want you to experience these dishes only at our events, we’ve taken our time to go around South African to conduct research on indigenous food, and as a result, we’ve written books detailing indigenous recipes from various ethnic groups, including the Khoisan and the Afrikaner. These books have been written for the convenience of those who would like to try indigenous or traditional recipes, as well as those who would like to take a culinary adventure in exploring food from different ethnic groups across South Africa!

Our aim is to make indigenous food trend!

If you’re someone passionate about promoting indigenous things and you’d like to help us make indigenous food trend, you can share this post on social media by clicking any of the share buttons below, and by liking our pages by clicking on the social media buttons you see on this page.

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