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Our Amazing Product And Service Offering

Our amazing product and service offering

At IndiZA Foods we pride ourselves with preserving, promoting and commercializing indigenous knowledge! This is evident in the variety of our product and service offering. We are distinct in the market, not only through the promotion of indigenous food but through the diversity in our offering. We pay special attention to each and every bit of our offering. At the moment, we have four (4) different offers for our clients/customers, namely: books, Sutherlandia Tea, Food festivals and Exhibitions. So far we have two (2) published books which are available for the public to order or buy. Sutherlandia Tea is our flagship product which is also available throughout the country and can be ordered from our various tea distributors located in each and every province in the country. You can also look out for some of our annual events and exhibitions around the country. Like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with everything IndiZA Foods.

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  1. Thanx indiza for your wonderful project of preserv
    ing and promoting our indigenous knowledge,foods and medicinal teas… please inform me regarding your next exhibitions

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IndiZA Foods seeks to promote South African indigenous food, and ultimately African indigenous food.

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